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Premiere In partnership with Instável — Centro Coreográfico

Palcos Instáveis

Inês Carneiro
Solo Fértil
Ana Meireles & Evelyn Hutchings
So, now what?





Ana Meireles & Evelyn Hutchings — So, now what?

There is frustration in us, for some reason or another, that fills us with questions, emotions, reflections. We feel frustrated when we are not able to control something that has happened, that we did not want to feel or be, when something does not live up to expectations, whether ours, other people's, or the environment around us. So, now what? explores the physical and emotional experience, both individual and collective, of two people framed in a society, made to fit a certain model, as they face an unpredictable world, in which much is beyond their control. How does it feel to be controlled but not able to control? — Ana Meireles & Evelyn Hutchings

Ana Meireles is a dancer and young creator born in Porto. She began her studies in the field of dance at the Ginasiano Escola de Dança and completed her degree in 2021 at the ArtEZ University of the Arts, in the Netherlands. In her final year of studies at ArtEZ, she interned with the dance company Another Kind of Blue in The Hague and developed her skills as a choreographer with the creation of two pieces. At the moment, she works as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher on a freelance basis.

Evelyn Hutchings is a dancer and young creator born in Palermo, Italy. She was part of the Eko Dance Project of Pompea Santoro and the I.C.D Professional Dance Program. In 2021, she finished her degree at ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands. In her final year of studies at ArtEZ, she did an internship at the dance company Another Kind of Blue, in The Hague, at the company Equilibrio Dinamico, in Italy, and created three pieces. At the moment, she works as a dancer and choreographer on a freelance basis.

Inês Carneiro — Solo Fértil

Solo Fértil arises from the need to talk about the void, the apparent zero. From the density of space shaped by the mass of a single muscle that moves meticulously. A nymph, faun, animal or beast – the eyes cannot unravel. Perhaps the body of a woman who dives into the sand and washes herself in salt water. A body on the precipice pondering the leap – to go or stay. From the study on the sensitive, a moment arises about solitude, inhabiting the rarefied air, with the attempt to transport it to the scene with lightness and detail.

Born in Porto, Inês Carneiro has a basic dance training. Between 2017 and 2018, she attends the Vale do Sousa Dance Conservatory, where her teachers are Ellaine Holland, Bianca Tavares and Richard D’Alton. She then studies at PERA -School Of Performing Arts, in Cyprus, where she develops personal projects (later presented in Porto) and participates, as a performer, in creations by Harry Koushos, Kay Krook, Maria Doulgeri, Celina Liesegang. In 2019, she returns to Porto and begins her studies in Theater – Interpretation variant at the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo. In parallel with her training, she participated in group exhibitions, presenting her site-specific works, such as “I Like To Listen To The Evening Light” (2018), “Sou Melhor Vivência na Boca dos Outros” (2019). In 2020, she collaborates with LEAP Magazine in a durational improvisation performance (60 minutes) at Openbox.Porto. She was also part of the cast of the play “Anda Para o Escuro Comigo”, by Tomé Nunes, and the cast of the show “Drama”, by Victor Hugo Pontes.

Afonso Lemos was born on July 22, 1995, in Braga, he currently resides between the cities of Porto and Guimarães. Light designer, sound technician, sound designer and beatmaker (as the alter ego txmmy). Since 2019, attending the Degree in Theater – Variante Luz e Som, at Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo. He started his career in the audiovisual area in 2018, working as a sound technician assistant at Centro e Laboratório Artístico de Vermil and at Arca de Sons – Associação Cultural. He debuts his first theatrical co-creation, “Contos de Fajão”, in 2020, with Jaime Castelo Branco, Miguel Figueiredo and Filipe Carvalho. In 2021, he joins the technical team of “Serralves em Luz”, and receives a grant for the co-creation of “Solo Fértil”, with Inês Carneiro, a dance show integrated in the Palcos Insáveis ​​program. In 2022, he conceived the sound design, with Henrique Costa, and the lighting design, with Bruno Pacheco, for the play “Anda Para O Escuro Comigo”, with text and staging by Tomé Nunes Pinto. In an academic context, as a sound designer and lighting designer, he worked with directors such as Ángel Fragua, António Durães and Paulo Calatré. He also integrates, in 2022, the creative team of “Tartufo”, within the scope of the NÓS / NOUS Project, directed by Tonán Quito.

Since the Palcos Instáveis series started in 2012, it has encouraged the work of upcoming creators from Porto and the Northern region of the country. Curated by Instável — Choreographic Centre and co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto, Palcos Instáveis facilitates artistic residencies to create, produce, announce and present new works, thus enabling the intersection of artistic experiences and providing the city with the opportunity to get in touch with upcoming choreographic languages.


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Aditional info

  • Price 7€
    Duration 40min + 40min
    Age rating 14+

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Ficha Técnica

  • Solo Fértil
    Choreography and performance Inês Carneiro
    Lighting design and sound design Afonso Lemos
    Musical composition Daniel Teixeira
    Set design Rita Cruz
    Production Mariana Lima Costa

    So, now what?
    Artistic direction Ana Meireles e Evelyn Hutchings
    Performed by Ana Meireles e Evelyn Hutchings
    Music Rodrigo Ribeiro
    Production Ana Meireles e Evelyn Hutchings
    Costumes Ana Meireles e Evelyn Hutchings
    Residency support Companhia Instável (Portugal), Another Kind of Blue dance company (The Netherlands), De Dutch Don’t Dance Division (The Netherlands), ArtEZ University of the Arts (The Netherlands)
    Support Gemeente Den Haag, Município da cidade de Haia (The Netherlands)

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