Porto/Post/Doc  -

23 Sat Nov — 1 Sun Dec

RIVOLI Multiple venues



6th Edition


Porto/Post/Doc: Film & Media Festival is a cinema of the real festival. Set between Porto and the world, fiction and documentary, this year’s edition comprises the usual competitions (International and New Cinema), promising to bring to the surface of the screen the bright dots that tell the best stories—how often invisible—of contemporary film. The Transmission programme renews music’s connection with film and pop’s cultural movements, presenting touching films that make themselves heard. In 2019, the festival resumes the Highlights section, which presents the greatest stories told by distinguished directors in sessions intended for the general public. Looking at the world while keeping its feet on Portugal, Porto/Post/Doc puts forward a section designed to screen Portuguese-spoken films, and another one dedicated to our Spanish neighbours (Talkies and Cinefiesta). “We’ve been looking into figuring when we’ll talk about us, into what us we’ve got”, in the words of José Mário Branco. After five years of setting a course in the city and in the country, the festival wishes to show and discuss its identities and its policies. Are we one or are we many? What does it “mean” to be a woman, black, a man, a child, bisexual? In its new section, Almost Perfect Past, Porto/ Post/Doc picks up on the history of film, screening new film stories for the future.

For further information www.portopostdoc.com