QUINTAS DE LEITURA - © António Gonçalves

© António Gonçalves

Thu 12 Apr ⁄ 10:00pm

Pérola Negra

5,00EUR • 18yrs+ 


No Paraíso Só Se Entra Com Uma Escavadora

QUINTAS DE LEITURA - © António Gonçalves

© António Gonçalves

In 2018, Quintas de Leitura will sometimes take place away from the comfort of the stages at Teatro Campo Alegre. 
Poetry shall roam free in a few of the city’s iconic spaces. In April, we are welcomed by Pérola Negra, a former strip club turned into a dance club, which kept its kitsch décor to this day: dark wood, red sofas, mirrored walls, platformand disco ball, and obviously a pole where pole dance and burlesque cabaret performances still take place. The session will be held in this environment, anchored in a tense, provocative, satirical and almost damned poetic universe. As far as readings are concerned, we shall convene texts by Bocage, António Botto, Mário Cesariny, Alberto Pimenta, Fernando Assis Pacheco, António Maria Eusébio (“The Caulker”), Adília Lopes, João Habitualmente and Luiz Pacheco, among many others. The following artists shall give substance, voice and soul to this (poetic, musical and erotic) happening: Cláudia Clemente (MC and all), Frankie Chavez (voice and guitar), Ana Celeste Ferreira (voice) and Ricardo Caló (piano), Isaque Ferreira, Renato Filipe Cardoso and Rui Spranger (stand up poetry), Ana Celeste Ferreira, Mónica Guerreiro and Sandra Salomé (readings), and António Gonçalves (promotion image). In-between readings, there will still be time for an electric (erotic? heretic?) show. Borrowing a verse by Raquel Nobre Guerra, a solemn word of warning: “One can only enter Paradise with an excavator”. You can guess the rest: a session for emancipated poetry lovers.  
Cláudia Clemente
Frankie Chavez
Ana Celeste Ferreira
Ricardo Caló
Isaque Ferreira
Renato Filipe Cardoso
Rui Spranger
Mónica Guerreiro
Sandra Salomé
António Gonçalves