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Susana Chiocca

BITCHO — às escâncaras





There is an unsettling and enchanting viscerality in BITCHO. A hybrid being that swallows its own mutated condition and expels it in bardic and shamanic spasms. There is an aggregative and metamorphic universality in BITCHO. A beast that is people, circulating between harshness and fragility, between sensuality and disgust, between words and images from another time-today. Ancestry made an encounter in the middle of the path of all paths. Tracks turned into a fragmented and united body. There is a BITCHO that channels murmurs and ecstasies. As if they were skin. As if they were meat. As if they were bone. There is a bone that frightens the soul and wakes it with a start. A humanoid bone, mestizo, nomad, that transitions from being to being and prepares for a war. There is something that is before artifice, shaped intelligence – Gisela Leal

BITCHO is a music and performance project that emerged in 2012. Conception by Susana Chiocca, who is also the interpreter, in collaboration with several artists such as Maria João Silva in video, Luca Argel in poetry, Sílvio Almeida, Filipe Silva, Albercht Loops and currently Luís Figueiredo in music and its production. BITCHO has been presented in different events and festivals such as: Festival Queer (Maus Hábitos), BAMMM!!! (Sonoscopy), António Variations (Casa das Caldeiras), Bienal Ano Zero (Salão Brazil), Encounters beyond history (CIAJG), CEC Guimarães 2012 (Fábrica Asa), TAGV in Coimbra.

Susana Chiocca (Lisbon, 1974) has a doctorate in Contemporary Art from the University of Castilla – la Mancha, Cuenca (2016) and a degree in sculpture from the University of Porto (1999). She’s a visiting professor at the College of Arts, at balleteatro and Porto Lusófona University. She has participated in several exhibitions, events and workshops, and she has worked as a curator, especially in the field of performance, such as in the space A Sala or the event Acesso de Vertigem (Maus Hábitos). She has been exploring text and word since 2005 in projects combining performance, video and music. In 2007 she cofounded the group Balla Prop, and in 2012 she created the project BITCHO.

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Campo Alegre & Online


Aditional info

  • Price 7€ (Campo Alegre) / 3.50€ (TMP Online)
    Duration 50min
    Age recommendation 12+
    TMP Online conditions Streaming available 24h (between 17:00 on September 18 to 23:59 on September 19)

Author's bio text

Ficha Técnica

  • Conceived and performed by Susana Chiocca 
    Music Luís Figueiredo (except the theme Pila, by Sílvio Almeida)
    Texts Alberto Caeiro, Álvaro Lapa, Bertold Brecht, Hugo Ball, Konstatínos Kaváfis, Mário Cesariny, Regina Guimarães / José Mário Branco, Susana Chiocca, Tobias Hering 
    Video Maria João Silva 
    Laser and video operation Duarte Amorim 
    Set design António Lago, Susana Chiocca 
    Lighting and sound design Miguel Ângelo Silva 
    Costumes Susana Chiocca 
    Sound operation José Arantes
    Producer João Brojo 
    Sponsorship Meridiano Sonoro 
    Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto  
    Residency support Teatro Municipal do Porto, CRL - Central Elétrica, CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva

Before and after the show

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