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Double Trouble #01

Susana Chiocca






BITCHO is a somewhat ancestral ambiguous character, a folk hybrid, which gives substance to a female animal. One celebrates the present-day with spoken words, reflecting upon the world and current events, and countering them with surreal and Dadaist texts. This new project is the tentacular integration of the several bitchos that have emerged throughout the years. In line with the audience, libertarian rituals where established with humour and irony. In an organic relationship with what surrounds it, the shifting character is built based on a sound, visual and textual structure. Each element is tackled as a way of opening the project to other layers of meaning, always in balance and harmony so as to create a new body identity-wise. An immersive presentation where one plays with digital and the rawness of means. A liminal corpus that refers to tradition and recreates its meaning in contemporaneity through pataphysics and nonsense. — Susana Chiocca

SUSANA CHIOCCA (Lisbon, 1974) has a doctorate in Contemporary Art from the University of Castilla – la Mancha, Cuenca (2016) and a degree in sculpture from the University of Porto (1999). She’s a visiting professor at the College of Arts and at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra, at balleteatro, ESAP – Porto Higher School of Arts and Porto Lusófona University. She has participated in several exhibitions, events and workshops, and she has worked as a curator, especially in the field of performance, such as in the space A Sala or the event “Acesso de Vertigem” (Maus Hábitos). She has been exploring text and word since 2005 in projects combining performance, video and music. In 2007 she cofounded the group Balla Prop, and in 2012 she created the project BITCHO.

© Susana Chiocca

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Campo AlegreCafé-Teatro


Aditional info

  • Price 9€
    Duration 50min
    Age >12

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Ficha Técnica

  • Conceived and performed by Susana Chiocca
    Music Luís Figueiredo
    Video Maria João Silva
    Video capture João Brojo, Maria João Silva
    Laser Duarte Amorim 
    Lighting and sound design Miguel Ângelo Silva
    Set design António Lago, Susana Chiocca 
    Costumes Susana Chiocca
    Production João Brojo
    Production assistant Felícia Teixeira
    Texts Alberto Caeiro, Álvaro Lapa, Hugo Ball, Mário Cesariny, Regina Guimarães/José Mário Branco, Susana Chiocca, Tobias Hering
    Financial support Fundação GDA 
    Co-production and residency support Teatro Municipal do Porto, Kale/Armazém22 
    Sponsor Meridiano Sonoro

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