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Teatro de Marionetas do Porto

Quem sou eu? (5th edition)





A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. — Jonh Keats

Quem sou eu? [Who am I?] is an artistic creation project, with a social cohesion component, designed for the elderly population of the city of Porto. Created in 2018, as part of the Porto Municipality's membership in the Global Network for Age-friendly Cities, and promoted in partnership with the Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, the project Quem sou eu? arises from the strong motivation to work with older communities from a perspective of artistic awareness and social inclusion. It is a sensitive look at the population, at the city's territory, a journey through the memory of elderly people, searching for the beauty in each person. — Isabel Barros



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Campo AlegreAuditorium


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    Free entrance
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Accessible to wheelchair users

Author's bio text

Teatro de Marionetas do Porto was born in September of 1988, a symbolic date that corresponds to the presentation of the company at the Word Festival of Puppet Theatres in Charleville-Mézières. The company’s theatrical practice reveals a non-conventional way of looking at puppets—in fact, an ever-changing notion—and an understanding of puppet theatre as a poetic and visual language reminiscent of contemporaneity. They seek to find new ways of designing puppets, which are ultimately kinetic objects, and new ways of exploring the grammar of this theatrical language concerning performance and the cross-cutting relation with other forms of expression such as dance, visual arts, music and image. In 2013, when it celebrated its 25th anniversary, the company fulfilled the great dream of its founder (João Paulo Seara Cardoso, 1956-2010) and opened the Porto Puppet Museum.

Ficha Técnica

  • Artistic direction and staging
    Isabel Barros

    Jorge Queijo

    Lighting design
    Filipe Azevedo

    Catarina Falcão and João Pedro Trindade

    Performed by
    António Moutinho, António Torres, Carlos Manuel Campos, Emília Gonçalves, Fernando Sousa, Isabel Sequeira, Joaquim Paulo Teixeira, Júlio Moutinho, Maria Amélia Pedrosa, Maria Carmen Naumann, Maria da Graça Ferreira, Maria do Carmo Cordeiro, Maria Elisa Branco e Severina Gouveia(users of Centro de Dia e do Centro de Convívio do Centro Social da Paróquia da Areosa), Eva Rubim (special guest), Micaela Soares and Vítor Gomes (Marionetas do Porto actors)

  • Production
    Sofia Carvalho

    Graphic design
    Rita Sá Couto

    Lighting and sound operation
    Filipe Azevedo

    Scene photopraphy
    Susana Neves

    With the support of
    Câmara Municipal do Porto | Pelouro da Coesão Social

    In partnership with
    Centro Social da Paróquia da Areosa

    Structure financed by
    República Portuguesa|Cultura e DGArtes

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