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Tudo sobre a minha mãe





Tudo sobre a minha mãe [All about my mother], text by Samuel Adamson based on the film by Pedro Almodôvar, focuses on the life of Manuela – a nurse, a single mother, who witnesses the death of her son on the day he would have turned 17. Manuela goes on a journey looking for her son's father and, in that recovery from the past, finds an old friend with whom he became a prostitute, meets a nun and starts working as an assistant to a well-known theatre actress. Tudo sobre a minha mãe is a work about the unconditionality of female strength – about what it means to be a woman (peripheral or not, racialized or not, cis or transgender). Part of the dramaturgy of these women, who are so unconditional that they make the concreteness of cinematographic space and time fall, making them symbols of survival and resistance. Daniel Gorjão intends to give stage and voice to themes that are socially under discussion in the media agenda, as is the case of gender identity and sexual orientation, allowing the public to reflect.

Daniel Gorjão attended secondary education in the field of Dramatic Arts, at the Centro de Estudos de Fátima, the Actors Training Course at Universidade Moderna and the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. In 2003 he joined the Companhia do Teatro Politeama, where he began his journey, having been directed by Filipe La Féria in several productions. In 2010, he founded the collective Rosa74 Teatro where he created and directed the show "Um dia dancei SÓ dancei um dia", winner of the "Emergentes" TNDMII / Festival de Almada award. Also noteworthy are the shows, "Intervenção: Antes de Começar", by Almada Negreiros, who directed for the One Nigth Stand project and the performance "não te concedi a ti, natureza, a decisão deste dia", as well as the assistance of staging in the show "Quem tem medo de Virginia Woolf?", by Ana Luísa Guimarães/TNDMII. In 2012 he started directing Teatro do Vão, through which he presented "SEMPRE NOIVA"; "Que o dia te seja limpo"; "FRAGMENTO"; "Beco da Saudade"; "O Olhar Inabitado das Manhãs"; "Radiografia de um nevoeiro imperturbável"; "Desta Carne Lassa do Mundo"; "Perfeito Círculo Presente"; "Júlia"; "COCK"; "Onde não puderes amar não te demores" and "Quarteto". In 2021, at São Luiz Teatro Municipal, he directs the cycle Um Coração Normal, where he stages "Vita e Virginia" in this project. Encontros do Devir-Capa | Faro with the show "uma solidão igual à minha". In 2013, at Teatro da Terra, he starred in the show "Ninguém se ouve, ninguém se vê" by Maria João Luis, of which he is also a staging assistant. In 2014 he directs the movement of the show "Duas Pessoa" by Maria João Luis. In 2017 he creates for the GTIST "Ama como a estrada começa", winner of the Fatal City of Lisbon Award. In 2019 he creates for CNB, "Nós como Futuro". In 2022, at Teatro da Trindade, he directs Nuvem, a text that won the Miguel Rovisco Prize. On television, he regularly directs dubbing for RTP, since 2011. fado" and "Olympic Beaches". He was art director on the program "Zig Zag Ensaio de N atal". He was director of actors in the programs "A República das Perguntas", "Histórias para sempre" and "Poesia na Ordem do Dia". He created and coordinated the projects "Trapos e conversas frívolas", "Notas para a Alegria", "Até hoje sempre futuro", "Conta um conto". He was responsible for presenting the Portuguese application to the New European SongBook (EBU). More recently he signed the authorship of "O Coro". He is also responsible for RTP2's performing arts programming, since 2016. Member of the executive board of IMZ for the three-year period 2023-2025.





© Estelle Valente / Teatro São Luiz

© Estelle Valente / Teatro São Luiz

© Estelle Valente / Teatro São Luiz

© Estelle Valente / Teatro São Luiz

© Estelle Valente / Teatro São Luiz

© Frederico Martins / Portuguese Soul

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Aditional info

  • Price 9€
    Duration 2h
    Age rating 16+

Author's bio text

Ficha Técnica

  • Text Samuel Adamson
    Based on the film by Pedro Almodóvar
    Artistic director Daniel Gorjão
    Assistant directors Filipa Leão, João Candeias Luis
    Translated by Hugo van der Ding
    Cast André Patrício, Catarina Wallenstein, Filipa Leão, Filipa Matta, Gaya de Medeiros, João Candeias Luís, João Sá Nogueira, Maria João Luís, Maria João Vaz, Maria João Vicente, Sílvia Filipe, Teresa Tavares
    Music Alberto Iglesias
    Sound design Miguel Lucas Mendes
    Video caption João Garrinhas | Outros Ângulos
    Set design project (letters) Bruno Terra da Motta
    Set design operation (letters) FP Solutions Lda
    Costumes made by Jaqueline Roxo Atelier
    Styling Federico Rudari
    Hairstyle David Xavier
    Press relations ShowBuzz
    IPromotional image Frederico Martins | Portuguese Soul
    Production and lighting design Teatro do Vão
    Lighting design intern César Joaquim
    Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto, São Luiz Teatro Municipal
    Support The Editory Hotels, BELLISSIMO CAFÉS, Riopele, Pinguim Púrpura, APICCAPS, Perfumes & Companhia, Luís Onofre, salt&sugar, Campobello, Felmini, Reve de Flo, Rufel, WOCK, Fiuza Wines, HairPlus, Polo Cultural das Gaivotas | Boavista, CML - Biblioteca de Marvila, Teatro do Vestido
    Acknowledgments João van Zelst, Teresa Lima, João Matos, Frederico Batista, ink.debris, Maria Carvalho, João Figueiredo Dias, João Cristóvão Leitão, João Ramos, CPBC - Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo, Marta Sousa Ribeiro e Caramelo Produções

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