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88º Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

Visões Úteis

Little B





Visões Úteis' new creation, “Little B”, was designed, written and directed by Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa, Mário Moutinho and Sara Barros Leitão, thus doing justice to and broadening the collaborative dynamic that is the company’s trademark. Inspired by the career of Mário Moutinho, who was associated artist at Visões Úteis during the 2018/2019 season, the performance, however, declines an archival or documentary perspective: what matters is not so much Mário’s life, but rather the manifold lives one life may comprise; not so much the life he lived, but rather the life he is still to live; not so much what he remembers (or is remembered for), but rather the memory short cuts, inaccuracies and traps that become clear when one tries to file a life. Most importantly, more than what Mário did, what matters is what he dreamt—and fell short—of doing, because that’s where we all come together: Dumas/Sartre’s main character (“Keane”), which he never played; Prospero, surrounded by puppets, which he never played; the drum solo (“Little B”, The Shadows) he never played.

Visões Úteis (Porto, 1994) is a theatre-based artistic project that has already created and produced over fifty presentations both in Portugal and abroad, including theatre plays, performances in the landscape and community performances. It is also involved in research, training (through its educational service), book publishing, filmmaking and sound creation. Visões Úteis is a cross-disciplinary project based on collaborative work methods that involve the entire artistic team. Its artistic directors are Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa and João Martins. 

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Aditional info

  • 7.00€ • 1.30h • >14
    The sessions of the 18th and 19th are part of the 88th Anniversary Teatro Rivoli programme

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Ficha Técnica

    • Dramaturgy and direction
      Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa, Mário Moutinho, 
      Sara Barros Leitão
      Set design
      Inês de Carvalho 
      Original sound track
      João Martins 
      Lighting design 
      Pedro Correia 
      Alexandra Allen, Sara Allen 
      Performed by 
      Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa, Mário Moutinho, Francisca Neves, special participation Clara Costa / Leonor Costa, Pedro Monteiro 
      Adittional musica
      “Tanto Mar”, lyrics and music by Chico Buarque
    • Production coordinator
      Teresa Camarinha 
      Executive production 
      Pedro Monteiro 
      Technical coordinator
      Zé Diogo Cunha 
      Produced by 
      Visões Úteis 
      Co-produced by
      Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente 
      Special thanks
      Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, Emilie Spitale, Ana Azevedo

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