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Season 22/23

Pick a word.
Can you define a show with that word? Perhaps with three? Or four? Five? No?
Perhaps words are of no use to us any more… Perhaps they serve only as bridges—said or thought beyond their manifold meanings. Perhaps they're the same. We are not.

This season, we expand time. We use keys to decipher, words to understand, ideas to bring closer. We have concepts engaging in dialogue and topics into combat.
We want to warm up, talk, dive. We want to watch, read or just let ourselves go.
Before and after. Night and day.

Beach in November? We have that. What about in February? That as well. Poet and activist scarecrows? We're in need of those.
There are so many questions, resonances and silence. There are so many people, bodies and stories.

We expand the frontiers between real and imaginary, human and virtual. Not least because roses have never just been roses.

We connect dots to connect ourselves. We draw lines to question ourselves.
From Rivoli to Campo Alegre.

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