Associated Artists

Seasons 17/18 and 18/19


Choreographer Marco da Silva Ferreira and theatre director Jorge Andrade (mala voadora) are Teatro Municipal do Porto's first associated artists. The invitation addressed to them and the existence of this new figure strengthen the Theatre’s mission to, on the one hand, support and help grow new works in the fields of dance and theatre, and on the other hand encourage the ongoing and active involvement of two creators in key programming moments. Engaging in a dialogue with the Theatre, and over the course of two seasons — 2017/18 and 2018/19 —, we come closer to the ideas and the work the two artists will carry out.


Marco da Silva Ferreira

31 years old, dancer and choreographer

What does it mean for you to be associated art- ist at Teatro Municipal do Porto (TMP) over the next two seasons?

To be associated artist cements the work Tiago [Guedes] and TMP have been carrying out in favour of my career as an emerging artist. It also provides me with the opportunity to mature a few ideas and to assert myself as a creator. I have only a small number of creations to account for, and it will be a way for me to grow with the Theatre during the next two years, and for this institution to help me catapult myself into a more consistent universe.

What will this partnership amount to during the two seasons?

In the scope of Paralelo – Approach Programme to Performing Arts, I will work on an on-going project with teenagers – some deaf, some others musicians – to make a dance piece together with composer Filipe Lopes. It is about the way focus varies between image and sound. There’ll also be the rerun of “Brother” and a new creation that premieres in May 2019. Furthermore, I’ll carry out a series of workshops in May 2018 during DDD — Festival Dias da Dança. Finally, I’d like to point out a collaboration between myself and Jorge Andrade (another associate art- ist over the next two seasons from mala voadora), which premieres in 2019.

Jorge Andrade

44 years old, theatre director

Teatro Municipal do Porto (TMP) extended you an invitation to take part in the programme of these two seasons. What does that mean for you (and to mala voadora, the company you cofounded)?

It pleases me. For a long time, mala voadora’s productions stayed away from Porto. Every now and then, we presented our work at Serralves. With the opening of TMP, we started presenting our works on a more regular basis. They were even coproduced by TMP, and they premiered in its theatres.

In how many performances and activities will this invitation result in the near future?

mala voadora already set out a programme for the next two years and some of our productions, namely the one we will premiere next, which is a coproduction with TMP, will be presented here at Rivoli. It is called “Amazónia”, and it will be presented in January. Throughout the two years, we will also present other performances – some are coproduction premieres and some are reruns, like one of our plays with choreographer Miguel Pereira, “Wilde”. There’s also a work titled “Manual do Trabalho e Felicidade”, to be developed in partnership with Paralelo — Approach Programme to Performing Arts, and we will premiere a new work called “Dinheiro”, which will discuss the way mala voadora relates to money.

Photography © José Caldeira