Festival Dias da Dança at TMP

This year, the DDD - Festival Dias da Dança is happening!
It takes place in a double state, live and online. It happens in the urgency of keeping the festival more alive than ever, even if adapted to the uncertainties of the present time.
After the cancellation in 2020, the current edition was primarily intended to exist only digitally. However, the announcement of the theatres' reopening on 19th April, one day before the opening of the festival, allows us to mark this return to the stages with the live presentation of 9 national shows, most of them world premieres.
DDD 2021 thus marks a moment in which face-to-face and digital coexistence is here to stay and in which we challenge the artists to think of their works in multiple formats that will reach a global audience.
The audience will be able to choose the way they want to relate to the shows and other activities. By developing a website that will work as a wide platform for the diffusion of the works presented, the festival will work, more than ever, as a gateway for hundreds of programmers, eager to discover the relevance, richness and diversity of Portuguese dance.
The artists withstood these times in which they saw their creative practices highly conditioned and all the partners, producers and patrons of DDD wanted to be up to this resistance, programming them in an edition that was adapted to unprecedented challenges.

Performances and Exhibitions
In this edition, we present 21 online performances, 10 of which are also presented live, and two exhibitions, one of them conceived for the virtual space.
With a strong focus on national artists, we present a panorama of choreographic creation in which several generations mingle, dialogue and collaborate. Jorge Jácome and Marco da Silva Ferreira, Catarina Miranda, Ana Isabel Castro, Jonas&Lander and Renan Martins will present their new creations in world premiere, while Victor Hugo Pontes, João Fiadeiro and Carolina Campos, São Castro and António M Cabrita, Teresa Silva and Sara Anjo, Cláudia Dias e Idoia Zabaleta, Luísa Saraiva and Senem Gökçe Oğultekin, and in trio, Tiago Rodrigues, Mathilde Monnier and La Ribot will present their most recent works. Many of these artists will meet to talk about the themes of their creations in the online talk cycle Dança Iminente, which will provide a more comprehensive insight into the works of each one and their relation with the present social context.
In an expositive way, Ana Bigotte Vieira, Carlos Manuel Oliveira and João dos Santos Martins (literally) draw Para uma timeline a haver, a schematic-collective memory of dance moments in Portugal in the 20th and 21st centuries. Catarina Miranda associates to her new creation the exhibition POROMECHANICS, a collection of video-portraits of artists represented as oracles.
The international programme was not forgotten: four companies will be present, ensuring the choreographic diversity so present in the festival's DNA.
The Ballet national Marseille, the collective (LA)HORDE and DJ Rone present Room with a view, a polyhedral portrait of a youth between hope and chaos; South Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn portrays the social dances of North Korea, turning North Korea Dance into a socio-political portrait of one of the most hermetic countries in the world. (b)reaching stillness, a trio choreographed by the Swiss Lea Moro, has as starting point the still lives of the Baroque period, acoustically supported by Mahler's Resurrection Symphony. In L’affadissement du merveilleux, the Canadian Catherine Gaudet presents a clear work that highlights a very current body condition, evoking the state of a world in fragments: disturbing, hopeful, terrified, tense and expectant.
The partnership with Balleteatro is transformed this year into a digital CORPO + CIDADE. Six performances for the public space, most of them co-authored, are filmed in order to give another perspective of the projects and the cities where they are filmed. Joana Castro, Ricardo Pereira Carvalho, Ana Renata Polónia and Marta Ramos; Andreia Fraga and João Oliveira; Isabel Barros with Cláudia Marisa, Max Oliveira and Pedro Carvalho; Sara Marasso and Stefano Risso are the artists that show us that public space is also virtual.

Online Talks
The relevance of the themes developed in the work of national artists made us imagine a cycle of talks entitled Dança Iminente. In a format that brings together artists, moderators and instigators from other areas of knowledge, this cycle will not be about the shows presented, but it intends to question how the issues they raise are part of a wider discussion about current events. From four binomials - Oráculos & Transcendência, Inteligência Artificial & Sensorial, Produtividade & Procrastinação e Hot Bodies & Clubbing -, we will go through DDD in a critical and reflective way, positioning the wisdom of the body as something central to these days.

Artistic Residencies and Masterclasses
Research and investigation, vital precedents of contemporary creation, are present in this edition in three partner venues and on our digital platforms. Flávio Rodrigues, Raul Maia and Thiago Granato will be in artistic residency. Day after day, we will be able to follow the progress of their investigations on the pages dedicated to them on the festival's website, through images, videos, texts or sounds they are being produced.
As for training, it assumes a smaller expression than in previous editions, given the current circumstances, but, underlining its importance for the artistic community, we offer two masterclasses, one with the Ballet national de Marseille and another with Mathilde Monnier, one of the most important French choreographers nowadays.

Documentaries and Online Parties
By transforming the DDD website into a platform to disseminate the artists (the performances they premiere, the talks they participate in, the workshops they teach or the residencies they develop...), we saw an opportunity to deepen the story of each one of them. So, we started a partnership with RTP2 so that some episodes of the series Portugal que Dança could be shown online, subtitled in English. Therefore, we provide their access to the audience that has not seen them yet, in particular to international programmers, who will be able to discover not only the works in premiere, but also the path of our choreographers.
An opening party and a closing party, both on our digital platforms, will provide moments of encounter in which there will be the music of our guest DJs, Nídia and Colectivo XXIII.

I conclude as I began, this year DDD happens! But it only happens thanks to the complicity of the artists, coproducers, patrons, partners and teams, who from the first minute agreed that DDD, in the possible format, had to exist.
It will be like this, in this live and online edition, that we will strengthen our role towards the artists, we will broaden the reach of our programme to different audiences, in person and virtually, and we propose a festival that also becomes a strong platform of dissemination for national choreographers.
We will meet here, in front of the stages or online.

Tiago Guedes
Artistic Director
and the whole team of Teatro Municipal do Porto and of DDD – Festival Dias da Dança


Jonas&LanderBATE FADO

On stage
20 19.00hTue
At home (streaming)
23 22.00hFri25 23.59hSun
RIVOLIGrand Auditorium
Victor Hugo Pontes

Victor Hugo PontesOs três irmãos

On stage
26 19.00hSeg
At home (streaming)
Sala Virtual DDD (BOL)
RIVOLIGrand Auditorium
Catarina Miranda

Catarina MirandaCABRAQIMERA

On stage
At home (streaming)
Sala Virtual DDD (BOL)
RIVOLIGrand Auditorium
Jorge Jácome & Marco da Silva Ferreira

Jorge Jácome & Marco da Silva FerreiraSIRI

On stage (presential)

At home (streaming)
Sala Virtual DDD (BOL)