FIMP 2019

International Puppet Festival of Porto

Objects, puppets and animated matter take centre stage at FIMP. In doing so, it is as if they placed humans — the usual protagonists of performing arts — somewhere else. Not exactly off stage, just a little more in the shadows. Some humans find that momentary shadow the place to think about themselves… and to do it in the company of puppets, objects and animated forms can be quite fun. In this edition, FIMP partners with Teatro Municipal do Porto and offers a wide range of proposals seeking to explore issues related to the way we leave our imprint in the world, particularly in the world of things.
Major existential issues are addressed, along with their social, political and ecological implications, with an authenticity of which only an object or a fabricated body are capable. Between experimental scenic devices, the search for new popular forms and virtuously revisiting a few manipulation techniques, these artists make use of anything that might help revive such worries, which are so human after all.

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