Foco Famílias 2019

MON — 15 SUN
Teatro Campo Alegre 

The theme of this year’s “Foco Famílias” is “Afraid, Me?”. Fear is a very present feeling in the life of everyone, but what we want to show is that we may attach less importance to it if we talk about it, that there are creative ways of tackling it, that when we address it with the help of others it sometimes makes us laugh out loud, and that we can often only move forward because we’re “afraid”! This edition of “Foco Famílias” comprises a series of activities for schools and families to watch and carry out from December 9 to 15, at Teatro Campo Alegre. We’ll see flying saucers and alien invasions, we’ll open stubborn doors, and we’ll explore unknown places, make up new places, and perform magic tricks. Afraid, us?

(perfomances & cinema)
14.00€ (2 adults + 1 child)
7.00€ (1 adult + 1 child)
7.00€ (1 adult)
2.50€ (child)