Paralelo - Approach Programme to Performing Arts

Paralelo – Approach Programme to the Performing Arts of TMP has mediation as its main line of action and it puts forward a series of contents and activities linked to its artistic programme. Based on the variety of the works presented, Paralelo seeks to enable the audiences of TMP to establish a close and constructive dialogue with those works, their creators and their processes, providing the keys for a conscious and sustained unveiling. The goal is to expand reflection and discussion about performing arts in their desirable relation with other arts, fields of knowledge and living in society.

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Paralell Activities

Here we unveil the activities taking place between January and March of 2022.


Right after the show or film screening, we remain in our seats for a conversation open to everyone.
Could a dialogue focused on a specific show extend the debate to other areas of knowledge and living in society, here and now?

Paralelo Warm-up

Always associated with a given performance, this workshop challenges the participants to try its vocabulary and dramaturgy through movement.
It allows for a brief approach to different artistic languages and enables one to relate to the performances in a way that is rather different than the usual.
Aquecimento Paralelo with Ece Canli

Aquecimento Paralelo with Ece CanliWithin the scope of Retratos II

5/02 sat 17:00 — 18:00
CAMPO ALEGRERehearsal Room
Aquecimento Paralelo with Elisabeth Lambeck

Aquecimento Paralelo with Elisabeth LambeckWithin the scope of OCD Love

19/03 sat 17:00 — 18:00
RIVOLISmall Auditorium


A moment for sharing and learning, through a closer interaction with nationally or internationally renowned artists who present their work at Teatro Municipal do Porto and professionals or students who intend to build a deeper knowledge about the body of work or piece presented through questioning and experimentation.
Masterclass with Phia Ménard

Masterclass with Phia MénardWithin the scope of Foco Phia Ménard

19/02 sat 10:00 — 13:00
RIVOLIRehearsal Room

(Hi)stories of Dance

Some say that we need an encyclopedia or a manual to better understand a contemporary dance performance. We like encyclopedias and manuals. In this activity, each session is a fascicle. In this activity, each one builds their own encyclopaedia, their manual. Their own history of dance. Based on new works by established artists, as well as re-assemblies of iconic pieces, we will follow some of the dance pieces of the season accompanied by who researches and writes about dance.

História(s) da Dança #1 — Merce Cunningham

História(s) da Dança #2 — Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

História(s) da Dança #3 — Martha Graham e Kurt Jooss

História(s) da Dança #4 — Jérôme Bel

História(s) da Dança #5 — Maguy Marin

História(s) da Dança #6 — Marlene Monteiro Freitas

História(s) da Dança #7 — Vera Mantero

(Hi)stories of Dance: Phia Ménard with Rogério Nuno Costa

(Hi)stories of Dance: Phia Ménard with Rogério Nuno CostaWithin the scope of Foco Phia Ménard

26/02 sat 17:00 — 18:30RIVOLI + TMP ONLINE (ZOOM)
(Hi)stories of Dance: Raimund Hoghe with Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

(Hi)stories of Dance: Raimund Hoghe with Tiago Bartolomeu CostaWithin the scope of An Evening with Raimund

12/03 sat 17:00 — 18:30RIVOLI + TMP ONLINE (ZOOM)

Activities for schools

Aiming to capacitate and develop audiences, Paralelo proposes a wide range of regular workshops that allow the audience to see and read the performances presented in a more complete and in-depth way, developing other ways of seeing and reading a certain artistic proposal.
A Stage Fits All

A Stage Fits AllÁngela Diaz Quintela

january — march
Enrolled Schools
O Meu Ministério da Educação

O Meu Ministério da Educação Within the scope of Má Educação

19/03 sat 17:15

Guided tours

The Teatro Municipal do Porto opens the doors of its two poles, Rivoli and Campo Alegre, in order to unveil its frames.
A guided tour that intends to make known these two Theaters, but also the work that is developed here and the team that works in them.

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