Paralelo - Approach Programme to Performing Arts

This programme, implemented by Teatro Municipal do Porto, develops and presents a variety of proposals linked to the programme and for all audiences. It thus puts forward different activities taking place or being developed mostly at Rivoli and Campo Alegre, but also in schools or other spaces, ranging from performances to workshops, from encounters to long term projects, from talks to guided tours. Given that its main purpose is mediation, it is crucial to focus on the diversity of audiences, as well as on the fostering of an active, critical participation that enhances reflection upon the performing arts, and a close and constructive relation to the authors and their works. While it offers performances and activities specifically meant for schools and families on a monthly basis, Paralelo also provides other audiences with the chance to approach performing arts through different proposals and approaches.

PROGRAMME 2020/2021

Performances for school groups and families

Presented under the Paralelo programme, these performances are specially meant for children, young people and families. These performances also have sessions for school groups.

Paralell Activities

Inspired by the performances of each season, the Paralelo programme promotes a set of various theoretical and practical activities, which intend to establish a connection between the national and foreign works presented and/or its creators, with different audiences of different age groups.



Aiming to capacitate and develop audiences, Paralelo proposes a wide range of regular workshops that allow the audience to see and read the performances presented in a more complete and in-depth way, developing other ways of seeing and reading a certain artistic proposal.

Paralelo Warm-up

It’s a workshop related to a performance, challenging the audience to try, through movement, the vocabulary and the dramaturgy of the corresponding performance. This workshop enables a brief approach to different languages and allows all those who participate in it to relate to the performances in a way that is rather different than the usual.


Related to the season’s performances, in these meetings, everyone is invites to dialogue and/or to experience in a moment that we intend to be, above all, participative and enriching. These meetings promote a broad debate on different works or themes, with different durations and formats, that could take place at Rivoli or at Campo Alegre, in schools or other places.

History of Dance

Some say that we need an encyclopedia or a manual to better understand a Contemporary Dance performance. We like encyclopedias and manuals. In this activity, each session is a chapter. In this activity, each participant builds his own encyclopedia, his manual. His own History of Dance. Based on new works by established artists, as well as re-assemblies of iconic pieces, we will follow some of the Dance performances of the season accompanied by experts in the various authors and/or works presented. 

Palco Para Toda a Obra

NOVEMBER 2020 — JUNE 2021

Palco Para Toda a Obra
could be just a workshop, but it’s not just that. It could be just a visit, but it’s not just that. It could be just a conversation, but it’s not just that. Palco Para Toda a Obra is about discovering - the backstage and the stage, the set-up and the rehearsal, the work and the artist. Ángela Diaz Quintela, performer, proposes to children from 8 to 12 years old a moment of discovery through experience, in group, the different phases of creating a show and new perspectives on the artistic work. 

Post-performance talks

The post-performance talk intends to engage directly with the artists and to get closer to the basic ideas and processes behind the performance that has just been presented and about which we’d like to know more.