Programmes and Projects


Festival Dias da Dança

The DDD — Festival Dias da Dança starts from the idea of the connection that can be built between the Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia, three neighbor cities of the North of Portugal, by proposing a programme which attests the diversity in contemporary dance and encourages wandering between performance venues and public spaces. The biggest international contemporary dance festival in Portugal is organised by Porto municipal council, in association of the councils of Matosinhos and Gaia.
The DDD Festival proposes a circuit that will be assured by the coprodutions established between Teatro Municipal do Porto — Rivoli and Campo Alegre, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino-Nery, Coliseu Ageas Porto Porto, Serralves Foundation , Teatro do Bolhão, balleteatro, Armazém 22 and Auditório Municipal de Gaia. Each edition new partnerships are built, also extend the possibilities for the performances and activities presentations: Teatro do Bolhão, mala voadora, Mira - Artes Performativas and Casa da Arquitectura.


Paulo Cunha e Silva

CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva is a new centre for artistic residencies and a workspace for the performing arts in the city of Porto.
The project intends to facilitate creation in a more sustainable way, providing the artists with a space and a time that suit the present moment, when experimenting and creating as a community is vital. The centre seeks to tackle new ways of supporting artistic practices that do not focus on the presentation, and above all to fix the lack of workspaces for the city’s artists, favouring continuity and care.

Campo Aberto

Artistic Residencies Programme

Campo Aberto — Artistic Residencies Programme is one of the pillars for the artistic development of several companies and artists.
In Teatro Campo Alegre, eight companies and projects develop Long-term residencies, comprising production facilities, rehearsal studios and stage presentations. Five areas will be represented, turning Campo Alegre into a real creative lab with Casa da Animação, Companhia Instável, Drumming Grupo de Percussão, Erva Daninha, Estrutura, Medeia Filmes, Nome Próprio and Teatro Experimental do Porto.
The Short-term residencies take place in the two hubs of Teatro Municipal do Porto, bringing to Porto artists from different latitudes, which later on will present the work resulting from these residencies.
The main thrust of the Crossed residencies programme is to encourage artistic creation through a network of international partners that ensure the conditions for artistic residencies. Current members are Teatro Municipal do Porto, NAVE — Creation and Residency Centre, CCNCN — Caen’s National Choreographic Centre in Normandy, and Charleroi danse / Choreographic Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Teatros del Canal, in Madrid (Spain) and CN D — Centre Nationale de la Danse, in Paris (France) and Associação Artística and Cultural Mindelact (Cabo Verde). 

Associated Artists

Choreographer and dancer Marco da Silva Ferreira and theatre director and actor Jorge Andrade (mala voadora) were Teatro Municipal do Porto's first Associated Artists, over the course of two seasons — 2017/18 and 2018/19.
During the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons, TMP rethought the way it follows certain artists in the medium term, and how those same artists occupy the programme physically and most of all reflexively. The concept of “associated artist”, which until then was supported by new co-productions, premieres and promotion, was rethought and implemented by following three very young artists (all under the age of 25 — at that time), whose first works’ relevance we recognise, and with which an artistic follow-up programme tailored to each individual was developed. Rather than immediately moving forward to challenges involving new creations, we was interested in understanding what artists need to enhance their work in a initial, key moment in their career. Hence, at this stage of artistic blossoming, dancer and choreographer Ana Isabel Castro and the creative duo Guilherme de Sousa & Pedro Azevedo, who wander between physical theatre, installation and set design, were accompanied trough the JAA! Young Associated Artists programme.
In 2020/2021 and 2021/2022, the Associated Artists programme was restarted with Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, who will reflect upon his hybrid language together with and for Teatro Municipal do Porto.