Ana Isabel Castro - © DR

© DR

88º Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

18 Sat 16.00h 19 Sun 16.00h


Free entrance • 20min • >12  

Ana Isabel Castro


JAA! Young Associated Artists
Ana Isabel Castro - © DR

© DR

…bore at least five wound marks in its body… it was a famous war horse, it safely carried its rider. She presents herself through Marengo, the horse. Dancing on its stories, memory and imagination. Those events are so real they may have never existed or belong to someone else’s story. This is a presentation work, and the artist mainly intends to bring the spectator closer to her intimacy and her way of thinking, choosing and performing. Every prop and creative proposal, however, stands between myth and reality, lie and truth. “Strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in Spring / My Summer wine is really made from all these things”. The story of this horse is translated into such general concepts that they leave the individual domain to become the property of those watching. Marengo is a shade of grey or blue. The colour is sometimes described as that of wet asphalt.

Ana Isabel Castro was born in 1994. She has a degree from the Higher School of Music and she attended the Advanced Training in Choreographic Performance and Creation at Companhia Instável. She worked with choreographers Esther Balfe, Saju Hari and Georg Blaschke at the Music and Arts Private University of Vienna (MUK) as an Erasmus scholarship recipient. Over the course of her career she has performed for Compagnie 7273, Circolando, Companhia Instável, KALE Dance Company and Joclécio Azevedo. In 2019, she presented Marengo at DDD – Festival Dias da Dança. She is currently one of the Young Associate Artists at Teatro Municipal do Porto.

  • Direction and performance 
    Ana Isabel Castro
  • Musical direction 
    Ana Isabel Castro, Gonçalo da Silva Nova
  • Lighting design 
    Ricardo Alves
  • Voices 
    Filipa Saavedra, Vânia Pereira, Tiago Araújo
  • Executive production 
    Sara Marques
  • Design
    Paulo Mariz

88º Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

16 Thu, 18 Fri & 19 Sun

Year after year we celebrate the anniversary of the city’s Theatre. Two days of free admittance during which Teatro Municipal do Porto unravels a little of what takes place throughout the year. Several performances, installations and concerts bear witness to the multidisciplinary programme that characterises Rivoli and Campo Alegre, intersecting tradition and contemporaneity. This year, it starts with a special solidarity session of Quintas de Leitura. We invited Aurélien Bory & Shantala Shivalingappa to present their visual and choreographic ode, “ASH”; Visões Úteis, a theatre company from the city, to present its latest creation; the Belgium company Laika to bring “Narrow”, a performance for the whole family; and Daniel Seabra, Sonoscopia and the young associated artists (the duo Guilherme de Sousa & Pedro Azevedo, and Ana Isabel Castro) to present short pieces taking over several places within Rivoli at the same time; among other performances to explore. We will also present our programme from March to July on January 18. Our anniversary is also a way of getting a new year started with renewed energy and the artistic pulse for which we’re known. Everyone is invited to spend these two special days with us!

Free entrance to all activities. Tickets may be collected on the day, after 11.00am (maximum of two tickets per person).