Ways of Occuping

Curatorship and moderation by Pedro Santos Guerreiro

Enter a space to create a time

In every old place the possibility of a new time is sprouting. The burst derives from a sudden concern, from the clash of a paradox, from an insurrection, from a creative intuition or a destructive fear, from the instant that unbalances the stability (the still life?) of quiet comfort. In 2006, a theatre group occupied Rivoli to make it around the world in 79 days. Where would we secure ourselves today to, in doing so, set it free? Which unknowns fend us off or push us? Occupation generates tension in the current policy, given its invasive militancy, the political claiming, the territory snatching or the questioning that retracts or attracts when clashing against the other, the different, the unexpected. Such shock either fertilises or sterilises, but it shapes the present, at times modifying memory and manipulating identity, almost always unveiling the future. The adventure of this confrontation results in either opening or closing ourselves to the revelation. Let us take the annunciation of the artists as a starting point and confront it with cross-disciplinary perspectives, not least because what’s different from what’s different is not what’s the same. Crashing is allowed, dedication is being proposed. So that we’re able to choose not by eliminating, but rather by including. – Pedro Santos Guerreiro

The journalist Pedro Santos Guerreiro answered the challenge presented by TMP and came up with a series of 9 lectures called “Ways of Occupying”, which derive from 9 performances taken from our programme for this season. The lectures won’t be about the performances, but rather based on issues arising from those performances that will help us reflect upon different “Ways of Occupying”. There will always be an outside guest from the most diverse disciplinary fields, and another one linked to our performances. We’ll dive into deep waters and address different topics.