MATHILDE MONNIER & ALAN PAULS (FR / ARG) - © Christophe Martin

© Christophe Martin

87th Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

SAT 20 JAN ⁄ 9:30PM

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

Free Entry • 12+yrs 



National Premiere

MATHILDE MONNIER & ALAN PAULS (FR / ARG) - © Christophe Martin

© Christophe Martin

A collective imagination filled with timeless music, to describe the passing of time in a country in constant political, social and cultural turmoil.
In 1981, Jean-Claude Penchenat had an idea for a unifying performance with the company Théâtre du Campagnol, which outlined a (possible) popular history of France since the Liberation. “Le bal” [The ball] had an impact on several artists and their subsequent works. Based on that performance — and on the historic perspective of that moment—choreographer Mathilde Monnier and writer Alan Pauls reinvent it, placing it in Buenos Aires from 1978 until the present day. It is first and foremost a new project, with plentiful personal stories to which the performers lend their bodies, so as to “explore Argentinian mythologies, what remains of the lost generations and their revolutions”. A country of tango and football, rock music and cries of protest. A way of “taking out of history everything it can still give us”, according to Mathilde Monnier, who is joined on stage in this artistic journey by writer Alan Pauls. Together they came up with a wordless performance, made up of (and by) Argentinian dancers — a ball where the goal is to “capture the energy of every age”.

Mathilde Monnier is highly regarded within the French and international contemporary dance scene. Her performances challenge expectations by presenting constantly renewed work. Her nomination to head the National Choreography Centre of Montpellier Languedoc–Roussilon in 1994 marks the beginning of a series of collaborations with personalities from different artistic fields (Jean-Luc Nancy, Katerine, Christine Angot, La Ribot, Heiner Goebbels...). She has created over 40 choreographic works that werepresented at several leading events, such as Festival d’Avignon, and also at Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, New York, Vienna, Berlin and London. She received several awards, including the Ministry of Culture of France Award and the Great SACD Award. In2014, she was nominated general director of the National Dance Centre in Pantin, France.

Alan Pauls was born in 1959, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a writer, literary critic and screenplay writer. The son of a German immigrant who fled the Nazi occupation in 1936, he studied at a French school in Buenos Aires. He’s an expert in Stendhal, Proust and Barthes, who inspired him to write his own work. He teaches literary theory at the University of Buenos Aires. He’s also a translator and film critic. He published an essay on Jorge Luis Borges, along with several short stories and novels. He obtained recognition with his fourth work, “The past”, which won the Herralde Award 2003, and was adapted for the screen by film director Héctor Babenco. In addition, he works as a journalist for the cultural supplement of the daily newspaper Página/12

Conceived by Mathilde Monnier and Alan Pauls
Choreograph Mathilde Monnier
Performers Martín Gil, Lucas Lagomarsino, Samanta Leder, Pablo Lugones, Ari Lutzker, Carmen Pereiro Numer, Valeria Polorena, Lucía García Pulles, Celia Argüello Rena, Delfina Thiel, Florencia Vecino, Daniel Wendler
Dramaturgy Véronique Timsit
Scenography and costumes Annie Tolleter
Lighting design Eric Wurtz
Sound design Olivier Renouf
Musical advisor Sergio Pujol
Voice coaches Barbara Togander, Daniel Wendler
Assistant choreographer Marie Bardet
Rehearsal assistant Corinne Garcia
Artistic collaborator Anne Fontanesi
Designer and dresser Elise Cognée
Stage manager Carlos Stavisky
Lighting engineer Emmanuel Fornès
Sound engineer Pierre Durand
International sales Julie Le Gall – Bureau Cokot
Producer and artistic collaborator Nicolas Roux
Inspired by “Le bal”, based on an idea and directed by Jean-Claude Penchenat, a collective work by Théâtre du Campagnol
Produced by Le Quai – Centre dramatique national Pays de la Loire
Co-produced by Chaillot – Théâtre national de la danse, Festival Montpellier Danse 2017, Théâtre de Namur, Complejo Teatral De Buenos Aires – Teatro San Martin, Théâtre-Sénart scène nationale, La Bâtie - Festival de Genève
With the support of Directorate-General for Artistic Creation of the Ministry of Culture of France
Approximate length 90 minutes