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Miguel Loureiro

A fera na selva

This is the story of an affair between John Marcher and May Bartram, but most importantly between us, watching, and them, postponing life.
Two actors play two characters in a sober, undetermined, perhaps timeless setting. All too sweet so as not to bolster an extreme, yet static, poisoned violence. They explain the world to us, as Marguerite Duras explains, they explain to us the powerlessness in the face of that world, in the face of the love they postpone, in the face of the fear they sense in the peeking beast, a feeling that takes over John, the looming catastrophe that will drag them to the end.

Miguel Loureiro is an actor and theatre director. He has a degree from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School. He has performed in several theatre plays, operas and performances, collaborating with artists such as Nuno Carinhas, Luís Miguel Cintra, Bruno Bravo and João Grosso, among others. He has directed plays for theatre companies and other institutions such as Casa Conveniente, Cão Solteiro, O Rumo do Fumo, Teatro da Comuna, Galeria Zé dos Bois and Mala Voadora.
Translation João Paulo Esteves da Silva 
Staging Miguel Loureiro
Scenography Tomás Colaço
Costumes José António Tenente
Light Design Daniel Worm 
Sound Pedro Costa
Performed by Margarida Marinho and Filipe Duarte
Figuration Adriana Aboim and ManuelSousa
Stage assistant Mirró Pereira
Coproduction Teatro Municipal do Porto, CCB — Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa and Culturproject