Né Barros - © Pedro Figueiredo

© Pedro Figueiredo



16 Fri 21.00h & 17 Sat 19.00h

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

7.50€ • >16

Né Barros

with Haarvol and Digitópia

Né Barros - © Pedro Figueiredo

© Pedro Figueiredo

Né Barros is a choreographer and dancer who has established a link with scientific studies throughout her career. She has collaborated with photographers, musicians, artists and film directors in the scope of her projects. Aside from balleteatro, which she founded and runs, she worked with the National Ballet of Portugal, Ballet Gulbenkian and Aura Dance Company.
Direction and Choreography Né Barros
Video and Music Haarvöl
Music Digitópia Casa da Música with original soundtrack and execution of Parmegiani (Pop Ecletic), Stockhausen (Studie II), Cage (Sonatas 1,2,3,5 para piano preparado) and Reich (Pendulum) musical pieces
Musical Direction José Alberto Gomes
Piano Duarte Cardoso
Costumes Né Barros, Manuel Casimiro
Light Design José Álvaro Correia
Photography Pedro Figueiredo
Performers Deeogo Oliveira, Elisabete Magalhães, Francesca Perrucci, José Meireles, Júlio Cerdeira, Sónia Cunha
Coproduction Teatro Municipal do Porto, Balleteatro
Communication Sandra Mesquita
Photography Pedro Figueiredo
Design Telmo Sá (Estúdio Ás)
Support to artistic residence 23 Milhas
Support Companhia Instável

Aprox. duration. 1h