Tiago Correia / A Turma - © Francisco Lobo

© Francisco Lobo


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Tiago Correia / A Turma


Tiago Correia / A Turma - © Francisco Lobo

© Francisco Lobo

All over Europe and elsewhere cities react against the excesses of an increasingly intense social phenomenon. Focusing on the social issues that result from it, Tiago Correia’s new creation for A Turma aims at analysing the side effects of tourism and its influence on human relations. “Turismo” [Tourism] is the result of a cross-disciplinary research and experimentation process developed between Porto, Loulé and Barcelona. A new dramaturgy born from plural assumptions shared with Francisco Lobo (film direction), Rui Monteiro (lighting design), Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins (original music), Ana Gormicho (set design) and Sara Miro (costumes design).

Tiago Correia (Tomar, 1987). Has a degree in theatre-acting and a postgraduate degree in playwriting and scriptwriting from ESMAE (Porto). Founded the company A Turma (2008), taking on its artistic direction since 2017. Started acting in 2008, having collaborated with several companies and theatre and film directors in theatre, film and television productions. Staged “Histoire d’amour (derniers chapitres)" [Love Story (Last Chapters)], by Jean-Luc Lagarce; “Do Discurso Amoroso: #1" e “#2” [On a Lover’s Discourse: #1 and #2], based on Roland Barthes; “Kaspar”, by Peter Handke; “Natta syng sine songar” [Nightsongs], by Jon Fosse; and “Pela Água” [Crossing the Water], of which he is the author. Wrote and produced the film “Ela: Do Discurso Amoroso”, by Francisco Lobo, the audiowalks "Dornes", “À Margem” and “Iria”, and the artistic course “A Selva” [The Jungle]. Created the musical project Les Saint Armand. Received the SPA Portuguese Theatre Award in 2016 and 2018 with "Pela Água” and “Alma”.
  • Original text and direction 
    Tiago Correia
    Artistic consultant ad translations 
    Regina Guimarães
    Performed by 
    André Júlio Teixeira, Cláudia Lázaro, Inês Curado, José Eduardo Silva, Paulo Lages and Romi Soares
    Set design 
    Ana Gormicho
    Lighting design 
    Rui Monteiro, Teresa Antunes
    Sound design and original music
    Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins
    Costumes design
    Sara Miro
    Video and photography 
    Francisco Lobo
    Graphic design 
    Francisco Ribeiro
    Edições Húmus
  • Technical director
    José Diogo Cunha
    French speaking assistance 
    Absinte Abramovici
    Executive production 
    Maria Pinto
    Produced by 
    A Turma (Structure financed by República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes)
    Co-produced by 
    Teatro Municipal do Porto and Cine-Teatro Louletano
    Brochado Coelhos and Associados and Central de Informação
    A Liga, Fnac Santa Catarina, Fundação José Rodrigues, Pedras and Pêssegos and Zumbido Studio
    Support communication 
    Antena 2, Fnac Santa Catarina, Gerador