Victor Hugo Pontes - © José Caldeira

© José Caldeira

13 Fri 21.00h

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

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Victor Hugo Pontes


Victor Hugo Pontes - © José Caldeira

© José Caldeira

“Drama” resumes Victor Hugo Pontes’ research on the limits of word and movement, theatre and dance. This new creation is based on Pirandello’s canonical plot, “Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore” [Six Characters in Search of an Author]: a theatre rehearsal is suddenly interrupted by six characters who call upon the company’s director to stage their lives. In an attempt to rescue that meta-narrative, one tries to broaden the discussion on the creative act itself: to what extent can one choreograph classical plays (which assumptions hold and which get lost)? In what way can the rehearsal room itself mirror what does not take place on stage, but only in the creator’s mind? Resorting to multiple characters, consecutive attempts and choreographers directing other choreographers, this piece causes chain actions that place the one watching in the seat of the one being watched and vice-versa. Just like in Pirandello, “Drama” refers to the beginnings of the theatrical game: drama, that is to say the narrative form in which one imitates the direct actions of people. 

Victor Hugo Pontes was born in Guimarães, in 1978. He has a degree in visual arts (painting) from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. In 2001, he attended the Norwich School of Art and Design, in England. He completed the professional theatre courses at Balleteatro Professional School and Porto University Theatre, as well as the research and choreographic creation course at Forum Dança. He started to emerge as a creator as of 2003 with “Puzzle”. He has been consolidating his choreographic imprint since then, having presented his work all over the country, as well as in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Austria and Brazil, among others.
Direction and coreography Victor Hugo Pontes 
Set design F. Ribeiro 
Lighting design and technical direction Wilma Moutinho 
Original music Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins 
Pianist Joana Gama 
Costumes Cristina Cunha and Victor Hugo Pontes 
Dramaturgical support Madalena Alfaia 
Direction assistant João Santiago 
Performed by Ángela Diaz Quintela, Daniela Cruz, Dinis Santos, Félix Lozano, Pedro Frias, Valter Fernandes, Vera Santos
Local community participants Ana Moreira, Aurora Mendes, Beatriz Magalhães da Silva, Beatriz Moreira, Edi Gaspar, Fábio Constantino, Hugo Tourita, Izabel Nejur, Maria João Calisto, Mercedes Quijada, Nuno Pacheco, Pablo Ramon, Vicente de Freitas Melo
Intern Liliana Oliveira  
Costumes production Emília Pontes, Domingos Freitas Pereira and Mário Ribeiro 
Production Joana Ventura 
Production assistant Mariana Lourenço 
Coproduction Teatro Municipal do Porto, Nome Próprio, Centro Cultural Vila Flor and São Luiz Teatro Municipal 
Artistic residence support Circolando and Teatro Nacional São João 
Special thanks Sara Barros Leitão