Quintas de Leitura - © JAS


19 Qui 22.00h


9.00€ • 2.00h (with intermission) • >12

Quintas de Leitura

Conto pelos teus cabelos os dias e as noites

Quintas de Leitura - © JAS


Drawing inspiration from a verse by António José Fortes, we presented brilliant individuals from the Portuguese cultural scene with a simple, unpretentious exercise: to reveal a bright, magical, furious poem that would move and disarm us, that would “lift us with the eyes”. The principle of this session is precisely the unveiling of all those poetic choices, some of which are surprising. Just like that: the poetic choices of about thirty public figures and as many poems in a celebration in which the words are at the wheel. An invitation to poetry, freedom and personal imagination. 
  • Participants
    Afonso Cruz 
    Pedro Mexia 
    Renato Roque 
    Carla Bolito 
    Teresa Coutinho 
    José Anjos e Jorge Mota 
    Raúl da Costa 
    Raquel Ralha & Pedro Renato 
    Manel Cruz

  • Supports
    Urbanmint - Munna Design
    Armazém 810