Rocío Molina - © Simone Fratini

© Simone Fratini

14 Fri 21.00h

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

10.00€ • >6 

Rocío Molina

Caída del cielo
National premiere

Rocío Molina - © Simone Fratini

© Simone Fratini

After her first presentation in Portugal at the Estoril flamenco festival, one of the most inventive Spanish bailaoras comes to Porto for the first time.  
Teatro Municipal do Porto has a growing interest in contemporary dance’s openness to encompass other languages, and thus we have brought to the stage flamenco’s most recent artists, such as Israel Galván in July 2017. In “Caída del cielo” [Fallen from Heaven], Rocío Molina shows flamenco’s roots, and at the same time throws it against other vocabularies, knowing that in its deepest essence flamenco is an expression of freedom, and can’t and mustn’t be tamed. This piece celebrates women, and it is submerged in a tragic sense of festivity. Backed by her musicians, Molina’s dance is a free fall that, instead of referring us to the inverted image of the fallen angel from Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, lands us in a dark and dense paradise, filled with a chameleon-like and powerful body. 

Choreographer and dancer Rocío Molina (Malaga, 1984) created her own artistic language, based on a flamenco tradition (however reinvented) that both respects its essence and embraces the most avant-garde languages. She won Spain’s National Dance Award in 2010, and she has been associated artist at Chaillot National Theatre, in Paris, since 2014. Molina is currently one of the most renowned Spanish artists internationally. Her performances are recognised by critics and audience as unique scenic events, combining technical virtuosity, formal investigation and unparalleled visual beauty.

Performance support

Coapresentação com Citemor - 40º Festival de Montemor-o-Velho
15th june • 22.00h
CAE - Centro de Artes e Espectáculos da Figueira da Foz
Artistic co-direction, choreography and musical direction Rocío Molina
Artistic co-direction, dramaturgy, scenic space and lighting design Carlos Marquerie
Original music Eduardo Trassierra
Musical collaborators José Ángel Carmona, José Manuel Ramos “Oruco”, Pablo Martín Jones
Set design assistant Elena Córdoba
Costumes design Cecilia Molano
Costumes making López de Santos, Maty, Rafael Solís
Photographer Pablo Guidali
Performers Rocío Molina, Eduardo Trassierra (guitars), José Ángel Carmona (voice and electric bass), José Manuel Ramos “Oruco” (percussion), Pablo Martín Jones (drums)
Technical and lighting director Antonio Serrano
Sound Javier Álvarez
Stage manager Reyes Pipio
Production assistant Magdalena Escoriza
Executive director Loïc Bastos
Produced by Danza Molina / Chaillot –Théâtre National de la Danse (Paris)
In collaboration with INAEM

Approximate length 90 minutes