Tânia Carvalho - © Rui Palma

© Rui Palma


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Tânia Carvalho


Tânia Carvalho - © Rui Palma

© Rui Palma

There are seven of them, like the days of the Creation. Seven dancers or physical incarnations of controlled oneirism. They rise up, moving between a sour limbo of waking and sleep, trance-like and conditioned. That of their demiurge is also on stage, Tania Carvalho, at the piano. Light is ‘day’ and shadow is ‘night’. This piece is called ‘Oneironaut’, the name used by travellers able to control their dreams and change the outcomes, devising a world of images that makes sense to them alone. Tânia Carvalho is one of them. A creator who invites us to witness her lucid journey. A clairvoyant. Spectators of dream fragments at times dark as those of a choreographer who has long sought to evict the outcomes of her nightmares. Strangling them out of the darkness. Letting loose the tricks that play on her mind. Tânia Carvalho creates moving, chilling paintings, which jolt you like disturbing dreams, from which you wake up groggy and trembling. But always inspired. Awakened. Quentin Dusser, translated by Maria de Lurdes Guerra

TÂNIA CARVALHO moves frequently from the field of choreography to that of musical composition, presenting herself as an artist whose urge to express herself is not limited to one single language. Her creations wander through the shadows, the vivification of painting, expressionism and the memory of cinema. Hence the artist constructs her mysterious cosmogony, a set of codes that transcend the very art of movement—be it in the linguistic and semantic care with which she titles her works, or in the frequent crossing of territories more distanced from that of choreography, like drawing. Over the course of nearly two decades, Tânia Carvalho has been paving her way in a thoughtful and ever more multidisciplinary way.
  • Choreography and direction  
    Tânia Carvalho
    Rehearsal assistant 
    Luís Guerra 
    André Santos
    Tânia Carvalho 

    Bruno Senune
    Catarina Carvalho
    Cláudio Vieira
    Filipe Baracho
    Luís Guerra
    Marta Cerqueira
    Vânia Doutel Vaz 
    Frédéric Chopin
    Tânia Carvalho

    Lighting design
    Anatol Waschke 
    Cláudio Vieira
    Tânia Carvalho
    (mostly Só Dança items) 

    Só Dança vegan line
    Technical director
    Anatol Waschke  
    Sound technician 
    Juan Mesquita
  • Produced by
    Tânia Carvalho
    Executive producer 
    João Guimarães 
    Pia Krämer 

    Sara Ramos 
    Artistic residencies 
    Centro Criação de Candoso – Centro Cultural Vila Flor
    CSC Garage Nardini – Bassano del Grappa
    KLAP Maison Pour la Danse
    O Espaço do Tempo

    Financial support
    Fundação Gulbenkian - Lisboa 

    Com Calma – Espaço Cultural 
    Só Dança  
    Co-produced by 
    Teatro Municipal do Porto
    Centro Cultural Vila Flor
    KLAP Maison Pour la Danse