Teatro de Ferro - © Susana Neves

© Susana Neves

FIMP 2019



15 Tue 21.00h 16 Wed 21.00h

CAMPO ALEGRE Stage Auditorium

7.00€ • ≈50min • >12

Teatro de Ferro

Objetoteca popular itinerante

Teatro de Ferro - © Susana Neves

© Susana Neves

What do a Swiss Army knife, a pop song from the 1980s and a white van called Moby Dick have to tell us? After moving around several places in this city and in others—fairs, beaches, museums and other popular gatherings—the “Objetoteca popular itinerante” [Travelling Popular Objectheque] now comes to FIMP in a version especially designed for Teatro Campo Alegre. The “Objetoteca popular itinerante” is itself a hybrid object. Based on the love encounter between a travelling library and a commercial van, this is the performance of the popular encyclopaedia of everyday objects. Real and imaginary, material and immaterial objects presented live together as never before seen!

Teatro de Ferro was established in 1999. Initially intended as a label for the creations of Igor Gandra and Carla Veloso, the company has been working with puppets and objects. The relation between the body-performer and the manipulated object, and the commitment of each spectator to build that same relation constitute lines of thinking that are always present in our artistic practice.
Artistic directors Igor Gandra, Carla Veloso
Text, dramaturgy and set design Igor Gandra
Invited artists Filipe Moreira, Gisela Maria Matos
Other guests Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço
Scenery and props Eduardo Mendes
Lighting design Mariana Figueroa
Video Carlota Gandra
Photographic record Susana Neves
Building workshop Eduardo Mendes, Daniela Gomes, Matilde Gandra, Nádia Soares (estagiária Escola Profissional Campanhã)
Produced by Carla Veloso
Co-produced by Teatro de Ferro and Câmara Municipal do Porto (no âmbito do programa “Cultura em Expansão”)

Sessions with portuguese sign language