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Portuguese Sign Language interpretation

Inês Barahona & Miguel Fragata / Formiga Atómica

Má Educação – Peça em 3 rounds





Due to public sector strike, we regret to inform you that the presentation of “Má Educação – Peça em 3 Rounds”, by Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata / Formiga Atómica, scheduled for today, March 18th, at 4:00pm, at #TeatroCampoAlegre, has been cancelled.
To request a refund of tickets, proceed as follows (until March 31st):
- For tickets purchased at the Rivoli and Campo Alegre Ticket Offices, send an email to the bilheteira.tmp@agoraporto.pt, with the respective tickets and proof of IBAN;
- For tickets purchased through the Bilheteira Online (BOL) and at the FNAC, El Corte Inglês, CTT and Worten points of sale, contact the BOL platform via ajuda@bol.pt.

In Má Educação – Peça em 3 Rounds [Bad Manners – A Play in 3 Rounds], the stage turns into a boxing ring. A tale piano follows the fights like a referee who engages in a dialogue with whomever is squaring off and also with the music that can be heard. On stage, a dancer, an actor and a child from three different generations come into play and enter a dispute: who teaches what to whom? Who prepares whom and for what future? Who accepts to withdraw himself to make way for another who’s coming? A mirror of education: the tension between teachers and pupils, between past and future, between the existing school and the one we wish for. A presentation by Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata, choreographed by Victor Hugo Pontes, where theatre and dance seek the revolution of which the future is made. — Inês Barahona & Miguel Fragata

Miguel Fragata (Porto, 1983) has a degree in theatre from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and a bachelor’s degree in theatre from the Higher School of Music and Performing Arts. Together with Inês Barahona he founded and runs Formiga Atómica. He created and staged the plays Fake (2020), Montanha-Russa [Roller Coaster] (2018) and Do Bosque para o Mundo [From the Woods and into the World] (2016), whose French version, Au-delà de la forêt, le monde, opened the 72nd Avignon Festival (2018). He also created and staged A Visita Escocesa [The Scottish Visitor] (2016), Pedro, Pedra e Grão [Pedro, Stone and Grain] (2016), The Wall (2015), O Homem sem Rótulo [The Man with no Label] (2015) and A Caminhada dos Elefantes [The Elephant’s Walk] (2013), a performance with Portuguese, French, German and Castilian versions. His performances have been presented in theatres and festivals all over Portugal and in several European countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

Inês Barahona (Lisboa, 1977) has a degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in aesthetics and art philosophy from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. She joined the Centre for Pedagogy and Animation at the Belém Cultural Centre in 2005 under the direction of Madalena Victorino, where she carried out projects that related arts and education. Together with Giacomo Scalisi, she was in charge of public mediation at the opening of Teatro Municipal de Portimão, TEMPO, in 2008. In 2014, she founded the company Formiga Atómica with Miguel Fragata, with whom she created the performances A Caminhada dos Elefantes [The Elephant’s Walk] (2013), The Wall (2015), A Visita Escocesa [The Scottish Visitor] and Do Bosque para o Mundo [From the Woods and into the World] (2016), Montanha-Russa [Roller Coaster] (2018) and Fake (2020), being in charge of the writing.





© Estelle Valente

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Campo AlegreStage Auditorium

Aditional info

  • Price 2.50€ (children, school groups) / 7€ (adults)
    Duration 1h
    Age rating 12+

Author's bio text

Ficha Técnica

  • Direction Miguel Fragata
    Text Inês Barahona
    Choreography Victor Hugo Pontes
    Performance Ana de Oliveira e Silva, Carla Galvão, Teresa Gentil
    Special participation Vitória Fragata
    Portuguese Sign Language interpretation Valentina Carvalho
    Music Hélder Gonçalves
    Lighting design Rui Monteiro
    Set design Fernando Ribeiro
    Costumes José António Tenente
    Sound design Nelson Carvalho
    Sound operation Nelson Carvalho and Tiago Correia
    Technical direction and light operation Luís Ribeiro
    Set construction Josué Maia
    Orientation of research workshops Inês Barahona, Vera Alvelos, Manuela Pedroso
    Video documentary Joana X, Nuno Marques
    Executive production Luna Rebelo, Sofia Bernardo
    Communication Maria Salgado, Rita Tomás (consultancy)
    Production Formiga Atómica
    Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto, A Oficina/Centro Cultural Vila Flor, São Luiz Teatro Municipal
    Support PNA - Plano Nacional das Artes, CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém, EGEAC Galerias Municipais, CEA - Centro de Experimentação Artística da Moita, Fundação Arpad-Szenes Vieira da Silva
    Acnkowledgments Ana Lobato, Joana Costa Santos, Causas Comuns, Marina Deus, VITORIA - Nobre Arte
    The Formiga Atómica is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic | Culture and DGArtes

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