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22 Fri 21.00h 23 Sat 19.00h

RIVOLI Understage

9.00€ • ≈1.10h • >12

Sara Carinhas


Limbo” takes place in an unconventional location, which is occupied by a group of young actors of different nationalities and backgrounds who develop a speech around violence, evilness and fear in an attempt to respond to the state of the world, to the war blasting as much outside as inside each one of them. Going back and forth between reality and fiction, dream and death, “Limbo” interweaves syndromes and traumas with songs, choreographies, tea and bombs.

Sara Carinhas was born in Lisbon in 1987. She has been studying under Polina Klimovitskaya since 2009. She’s pursuing a master’s degree in artistic studies at the Faculty of Letters – University of Lisbon. She attended the international lab “Performer’s Physicality in the Methods of Meyerhold, M. Chekhov, Stanislavsky” with Sergei Ostrenko, in Massa (Italy). She started her acting career in 2003, having worked with Marco Martins (Genet), Ana Tamen (Jean Racine), Cristina Carvalhal (Marius von Mayenburg), Fernanda Lapa (Euripides), Luís Castro, Nuno Cardoso (William Shakespeare and Anton Chekhov), Nuno Carinhas (Bertolt Brecht), Olga Roriz, Ricardo Aibéo (Georg Büchner) and Ricardo Pais (William Shakespeare). She also worked with film directors Alberto Seixas Santos, Manoel de Oliveira, Pedro Marques, Rui Simões, Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra, and Valeria Sarmiento, among others. In 2015, she won a Golden Globe in Portugal and the SPA/RTP Author Award for Best Actress in "A Farsa" [The Farce].
Artistic direction and staging Sara Carinhas
Dramaturgy assistant Cristina Carvalhal
Assistant director Pedro Rei
Cast António Bollaño, Filomena Cautela, Marco Nanetti, Nádia Yracema, Pierre EnsergueixSara Carinhas 
Artistic consultant Ana Vaz
Lighting design Cristina Piedade
Sound design Madalena Palmeirim
Video recording Ana Cunha
Photography Sara Pinto Soares
Produced by Bruno Reis / Causas Comuns
Executive producer Pedro Rei
Partnership A Voz do Operário
Support Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista (Lisbon Municipal County), Companhia Olga Roriz, ONE your first stop
Support and artistic residency Vila Flor Cultural Centre / Candoso Creation Centre
Co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto, Causas Comuns e São Luiz Teatro Municipal 

The performance will be held in Portuguese, English and French with Portuguese subtitles.